As the global leader in regenerative therapies, R3 Stem Cell knows that patients have way more questions than answers when it comes to stem cell therapy. Unfortunately, most patients searching for education on regenerative therapies end up receiving half truths, skewed facts, unrealistic or misleading information.


This is why R3 created the Stem Cell Master Class. With over 45 Centers of Excellence worldwide that have performed over 22,000 regenerative procedures collectively, the providers are a wealth of information on all aspects of regenerative care.

When a person is considering a regenerative cell therapy with growth factors, stem cells, exosomes, and cytokines, there are lots of considerations prior to making the investment. What to look for in a stem cell clinic? What are the differences in the biologics? What’s reasonable to expect for an outcome? The Master Class offers those considering regenerative procedures vital information such as discovering how the process works, understanding the options that are given to them, learning the research behind it and gaining realistic expectations.


Of course, there are many questions that patients don’t know to ask. And that is why the R3 Stem Cell Master Class exists! Listen to experts and hear from real patients describe their experiences. The Class consists of eight educational episodes spanning four entertaining hours that you can watch at your leisure.


“It is important for patients to fully understand what type of stem cell therapies are being offered to them and know the full effect it can have on their everyday lives,” continues Dr. Greene. “Regenerative therapies may give patients the opportunity to return to pain-free personal everyday activities. Our purpose is to make people educated consumers in a time when so much misinformation is being disseminated.”


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